After all the safari-ing, we went off to Zanzibar. Zanzibar is part of Tanzania but the culture is very very different.

We got to stay in a with beautiful rooftop views of the town.

They had amazing rooftop dining too.

In Zanzibar, we also went to a called Cheetah's Rock. (They have a Cheetah!)

And tons of other animals that you get to interact with, like these bush babies which are about as soft as you'd expect them to be.

We're feeding them spaghetti by the way (which I guess they love).

And these lemurs.

Also, I fed a lion (Elaine got scared but took pictures).

Here's the cheetah.

Also, Zanzibar is big on beaches and super fancy doors. This isn't a beach but a mangrove lagoon which is cool too.