Roy and I attended our first UCLA football game today! It was against Utah and we won 21-14.

Its nice to be finally part of a school that has a decent sports team and tailgating culture (Harvard was a joke; who cares about the Crimson?). The entire tailgate and game were logistically much more organized than wed ever seen back East, and more people showed up for this game than for Harvard-Yale (the pinnacle of the Harvard football season). Additionally the crowd was a lot more sophisticated, knowing all sorts of strange cheers and rituals. And, the marching band rocked (they practice on the field outside Anderson, seemingly at all hours of the day).

Something else thats kind of different is how the whole Los Angeles community embraces UCLA sports. On our way back on the Metro, complete strangers stopped us to talk about the Bruins and their performance people whod never gone to UCLA. While weve never been real college sports fans, we feel happy to throw our support behind the Bruins, especially when we go to the game versus USC in November.