Its been only a month since school started, but it feels like such a long time ago! Most business schools across the country are similar in the that first semester is extraordinarily busy. I started at UCLA Anderson on September 10th. We had 2.5 weeks of orientation, during which I met all my classmates.

Our class of about 360 students is divided into 5 sections of 72. Im in Section C, which is colloquially abbreviated to SecC (get it? Sexy?). My section is the best section!

Orientation is full of activities designed to get us to meet as many classmates as possible, and to bond as a section. We competed in sports, had to write a skit (which we won), fundraised for charity (which we also won), and in general had a very good time.

We also got put through a bunch of activities such as climbing a 30-foot pole, then leaping off the top to grab a trapeze, and traversing a suspended tightrope with a partner.

Ive met some of the coolest people at Anderson, which has a more diverse range of backgrounds than many other business schools (which are typically dominated by consultants and bankers). For example, my partner in the tightrope exercise was an ex-intelligence officer for the Navy Seals.

We also had a scavenger hunt activity where we had to run around the UCLA campus taking embarrassing photos of ourselves.

Instructions: Take a picture of yourself and 1 learning team member blowing your nose in front of the Ashe Wellness Center.And we also had a spectacularly fun volunteer activity with Junior Achievement. I got to teach a class of second graders at a local elementary school the basics of economics and civics.

Finally, business school is a lot of networking, AKA social activities.

Our luau this one was family-friendly, and this is a picture of one of my classmates children pie-ing a section leader in the face

We spend a lot of time in places like this.And of course we had the 80s party! Roy had the best costume by far.