We do a lot of career-related stuff in business school, since for most people the end goal of finishing an MBA is getting a job. Alongside our academic, extracurricular and social pursuits comes a lot of resume-tweaking, cover letter writing, and interview preparation.

A classmate shared that shed put her resume through a Word Cloud generator to visualize the most common words. Basically, a Word Cloud generator takes a block of text and parses the words, making the most common words bigger. For us, it gives some idea of what were consciously or unconsciously emphasizing through our word choices.

I thought it was a good idea and tried it out on my own via www.wordle.net. Here are the results:

So what did I emphasize? **Los Angeles, CA, **which isnt surprising. **Marketing, **which is good because Im targeting a marketing career post-graduation. **Donor **comes from my experience working in fundraising. The key job function words that are coming up are **developed, research, cross-functional, ****analysis, leadership, **and **management. **

For fun, I decided to contrast this with a cloud using my old resume from college.

What a dramatic difference! This cloud doesnt really emphasize much at all, except Harvard (Im not sure why its there twice). There arent many key job function words at all, except one assisted, which is NOT something that Id want to emphasize now as an MBA looking for a role managing others. The contrast in many ways reflects the growth in my outlook towards every new job I take today, I take ownership of every role and claim both responsibility and credit for the changes I drive. No more assisting!

I plan to do this again perhaps at the beginning of the next school year. Itll be interesting to see how my resume continues to evolve!