Elaine catching a wave (while Roy falls on the left)


Hawaiian green sea turtle (honu) that we encountered on one of our scuba dives

The end of the Bamboo Forest trail in Maui

Nene (Hawaiian geese) that we encountered on the Alakai Swamp Trail in Kauai. These are the most endangered geese in the world. Very friendly (probably hungry too)

View from the Alakai Swamp Trail

ATV riding in Kauai

Tubing adventure in Kauai. We have headlamps on because we go through dark tunnels

Rock Quarry Beach in Kauai

After we got back from our honeymoon, school started pretty quickly for me so we never really got a chance to organize and pick through our hundreds of honeymoon photos and put them up. Heres a small sampling of them, illustrating some of the activities we did.