Its been 10 hectic days since we first got to our new home in Austin! We have been super busy unpacking, settling in, and running all the miscellaneous errands associated with becoming a Texan. (To be fair, I have done those three things. Roy just came and went to work immediately).

Heres what I discovered about the house:

  1. Losing anything here SUCKS. I left my cell phone somewhere, and unfortunately it was turned to silent so calling it didnt help. So I had to roam around and search about eight rooms before finally finding it in the walk-in closet attached to our master bath.

  2. Losing anyone in the house also sucks. Roys new favorite game is to hide in some nook or cranny, and then taunt me via text to try to find him. It takes a pretty long time.

  3. The South is home to some giant insects! Upon arriving, we were greeted by a grasshopper that had apparently found itself in here somehow and was just chilling on our wall. We captured it and set it free. However, Ive also seen some tennis ball-sized Daddy Long Legs, really large and aggressive flies, and all sorts of other weirdness. Its clear that my trusty is inadequate for these types of crawlies (I actually broke it trying to kill that Daddy Long Legs) so Im upgrading to the.

2013-06-16 12.39.35-1

Losing flying creatures in your house ALSO sucks. A mosquito made its way in sometime over the last few days, bit us savagely one night, and is nowhere to be found. The possibility of it still hanging around haunts me daily but I seriously just cant find the thing. Too many rooms.

  1. Having no furniture is pretty annoying. For a few days, the only thing that we had to sit on was this item below, which I think is a piece of crap. Not only does it physically resemble a turd, but Roy ordered it under the pretense of it being a giant bean bag. Its actually made of a coarse, scratchy fabric and is full of pointy foam pieces, not beans. Luckily, now, we have beds and some chairs but are still working on couches, TVs, dining tables, desks, etc.

2013-06-17 11.46.13

  1. Finally, weve never had so much storage space in our lives. Our closet (which was full to bursting in our Santa Monica apartment at least, my side of it) looks forlorn and empty here, even after I hung up everything.

Those things aside, we are very much enjoying life in Texas! Every day Im able to get up, go running or biking (it has to be before 8am or else its just too hot/humid to be comfortable), and then jump into the pool to cool off. Weve also enjoyed taking advantage of our monster kitchen and our great new grill. Were looking for a gym in the area to join, and are looking forward to exploring our new city.

FYI this upcoming weekend, Roy is going to be in Caen, France, to relive the D-Day Normandy invasion with a bunch of like-minded coworkers.