2013-06-03 18.19.35

Its jacaranda season in Los Angeles the closest thing we have to any kind of season. Arent the jacarandas lovely in bloom?

Anyway, cant believe that the first half of my MBA is now over! And it certainly went out very characteristically, with 3 presentation and 2 exams in 1 packed week. Luckily everything went very well (or so I hope). This week were prepping for our big move to Austin!

Ill be back in the fall when classes start again of course, but Roy wont. So we took advantage of this last weekend to do some things that we hadnt yet done in Los Angeles, despite four years of living here.

First, we went to the California Science Center, home of the Space Shuttle Endeavor! It was cool to see the shuttle in person.

2013-06-09 11.42.37

The science center is also home to a variety of other exhibits, including an aquarium with a kelp forest. It was a nice kelp forest, though nowhere near as lush as the ones weve dived in off of the coast. (Lush is a great thing for kelp forests, but lush kelp forests can be kind of annoying for divers. Weve ended many a dive popping up right in the center of a kelp grove and having to pretty much doggy paddle our way out in a maneuver known as the California kelp crawl.)

We did see this freaky flounder that wed never seen in the wild, though, undoubtedly due to its camouflage. Look at its freaky eyes.

2013-06-09 12.06.28

Then we decided to catch a Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium. It was a gorgeous sunny day, but we were shaded nicely, and it was a very pleasant experience eating Dodger dogs and nachos while watching the game. The fact that our ticket cost only $8 each certainly didnt hurt. What did hurt was how awfully the Dodgers played. They were completely routed by the Atlanta Braves, 8-1. Ouch!

2013-06-09 13.46.17

On a side note, I feel as if my comprehension of baseball has finally reached the same level as the general population mostly because my instinctive reactions now are consistent with those of the rest of the stadium. Football, youre next!

This next week will be also busy, filled with packing logistics and some last-minute work on ongoing projects before everyone heads off for the summer. Were really excited to be moving to Austin finally, and to start turning our house into a home!