All the horse-crazy people in Section C went to see in Burbank last night!

Amazing show. Its sort of a Cirque du Soleil feel, with horses. Visually its just stunning I didnt take pictures during the actual show but stole some off the internet instead.




If youre any bit of horseman/horsewoman, youll understand how incredible it is that they have something like 30 stallions and geldings on stage all performing together. If not, its because stallions instinctively want to fight each other for dominance. In nature, bands of horses are composed of just one stallion and a harem of mares with foals. When colts (male foals) grow up, theyre pretty much cast out of the group and have to fight other stallions to win their own band. So to have so many stallions together on a stage harmonious is incredible. Both equine and human performers were very talented of course, performing piaffes, passages, jumps, and pirouettes.

Just a note we got only the second-best tier of seats (Yellow?) because the cheapest tier (Green, I think) were obscured by a pillar. I think we ended up paying $70 per person for our seats, but I wouldnt spend more than that because our seats were great. Parking was surprisingly easy, but they were a bit lax on checking parking passes.

My only complaint was that the souvenirs were way too expensive. $75 for a 2-foot stuffed horse? I dont think so!

But anyway, Odysseo is supposed to be touring in different cities. I highly recommend it if it comes to a city near you!