Aside from the BC Party, this is all I did for the rest of the weekend. I have a ridiculous number of things this week to prepare for:

  • Presentation for my comm class (low priority not graded and thus low effort from me)

  • Statistics midterm (30% of my grade)

  • Accounting midterm (20% of my grade)

  • Marketing major case write-up (10% of my grade)

  • First-round Interview with Nestle Purina (iffy. St. Louis is not where I want to work)

  • 2 mock interviews to prepare for the previous

  • All my regular homework (3 cases, 2 quizzes)

I had a couple of classmates over last night and we spent 8 hours on marketing and statistics alone.

So while Ive been slaving away, what has Roy been up to?

  • Playing video games

  • Racing his new BMW 335i at Fontana Racetrack (GoPro video to come)

  • Cleaning the house a little because I just cant do it all the time anymore (gooo husband!)

  • Working overtime in preparation for his****trip to Singapore

Yes, Roy will be traveling to Singapore for his work from November 5th to November 21st. Exciting!

Also, as a side note, Roy knows this blog exists but never reads it and will probably never write in it. As you all probably know, its not his way.