Hello! We are traveling!

We spent the last two weeks in Dublin, mostly working. We did have time to drive around on the weekend. (It was our first experience with left-side driving.)

We ended up driving to the west coast of Ireland, which has a scenic driving route called the Wild Atlantic Way. Here's what we did:

Ate some oysters at a thatched roof seafood hut that had been operating for 7 generations near Galway

Found many castle ruins. This one was by the side of the road, and surrounded by wild raspberries

Saw a lot of delicious grass-fed cows

Climbed rocks in the Burren

Visited the Cliffs of Moher looking for puffins. There were no puffins but the view wasn't bad

We're currently in Tanzania, near Kilimanjaro. We're going to spend a day exploring Arusha National Park before heading out to the Serengeti for the week.