Weve been doing some designing and decorating lately with the sage advice of Robin at. Were pretty excited with how things are going. Heres a quick preview of one of our guest bedrooms.

A closer look at some of those elements:




Were still working on getting a side table, a floor lamp and some art into this room, but as is, its ready for guests. What we really love about this room is that while it has a fun palette (we would have never thought to use magenta, but it looks fantastic), its also very clean. While I dont mind the occasional knick knack (and Im obsessed with anchors), Roy absolutely despises clutter of any kind. He felt strongly that our home should look elegant, clean and soothing. We think that this room accomplishes that aesthetic through these color choices really well, and were looking forward to putting the final touches soon!

By the way, this guest bedroom has the best view out of all the rooms in the house. Looking forward to hosting Lisa and Daniel here in a couple of weeks!