Last weekend we were in Austin to finally see our new home! It was as nice as we remembered, and even nicer because we actually own it now.

2013-04-28 20.34.05

We love this kitchen! It has a vent that rises up (that we did not discover until after the taking of this photo)

2013-04-29 12.12.24

This lady will need to go.

2013-04-29 12.12.40

My favorite room (besides the fantastic master bath) is this mural room! We plan to use it as a toy room. We have plenty of toys!

2013-04-29 12.13.01

Unicorns frolicking on the other side of the room

2013-04-29 12.16.40

Our pool, with our cleaner robot cleaning merrily (but not doing a great job. Lots of leaves left)

Well be back in Austin over Memorial Day, and then are moving for good in mid-June. We cant wait!