After Zanzibar, we did a brief stop for a few days in Dubai.

We went to a ridiculous tea service at the Burj Al Arab (7-star hotel, looks like a sail).

Went to the gigantic indoor aquarium at the Dubai mall (we went back to this mall like... 4 times because we eventually ran out of things to do).

We stayed close-ish to the Burj Khalifa but didn't bother to go up.

We also went on a desert safari (we wore costumes...).

There was a cool falcon show and nice view of the sunset. And camels!

Elaine also tore her meniscus snowboarding (that's a knee thing) but now it's better (because I took 4 months to write this post)! Indoor skiing in Dubai is cute for the novelty? But not great otherwise.

Shopping for knick-knacks, we found an ivory carving of an elephant inside a ball.

And we had great conveyor belt sushi (at Dubai Mall).

Here's a camel hat.