Merely one hour after that last picture was taken of Roy mowing our lawn, our brand-new mower sputtered and died, apparently unable to handle the lush, jungle-like thickness of our lovingly-neglected grass. So we finally admitted defeat and returned the mower. Now weve hired a lawn service that comes and mows for us on a biweekly basis.

Since then, weve had a huge swarm of dragonflies that have recently taken to hanging out by our lawn. Some sources online suggest that they are here to feast on little bugs hatching from the grass. Im guessing that with our lawn having been neglected for several weeks, it had become a haven for breeding insects. Now that its finally being mowed, its buffet time for these dragonflies.

I was initially somewhat apprehensive of the 30+ insects that were zooming around and dive bombing our lawn every day, but now I find them kind of charming as long as they stay well clear of me, which they have done so far. I wish I had the sprinkler to spray them with (apparently they love dancing in sprinklers) but Austins water restrictions only let us water the lawn once a week. Of course, we did not know this for the first month we were here, so our lawn looked emerald green and gorgeous next to everyone elses parched, thirsty lawns

Besides, these dragonflies are certainly doing us a favor by eating the bugs. So bon appetit, dragonflies!

For the record, I know that spiders are performing a similar service for us, but I still hate them especially after we found a black widow in our house in Los Angeles. With both black widows AND brown recluses at large here in Central Texas, Im being extra careful in keeping the corners of our house vacuumed and clean, and in checking all our shoes before putting them on.