We took a dive trip in St. Thomas on Saturday at Calf and Cow Rocks. The water was so warm we didnt need wetsuits at all!

Unfortunately our GoPro turned out to be out of battery so we have no pictures of our own, but here are some of the creatures we saw:

Barracuda! Scary!

Caribbean lobsters, at least 3 feet long

Tarpon, about 8 feet long!!!!!

Fire coral is everywhere. This will give you a burning sensation if you brush up against it

Cute hawksbill turtles! We saw 3We also did some snorkeling on our own in the bay, where we saw the following:

Plump starfish

Stingrays! Ahhh! So happy I was snorkeling and not just walking around in the water, so that we could see them and avoid stepping on them