That is a boring picture of my desk right now (and my accounting homework) but just wanted to check in and give some updates. Its Thursday evening, which is the best time of the week because we dont have classes on Fridays! So we get three-day weekends every week. However, weekends are almost as busy as weekdays. Homework takes up a ton of time, but Ive also been involved in several other things.

  1. I ran for and was elected VP of Academic Affairs for my section of 72 classmates. This means that Im responsible for keeping our section on track academically. Its the first time Id ever run for office (I had to give a speech and everything) but I did it because I love our section, and also I knew that Id never lose track of academics anyway, so why not help everyone else out? Lately, Ive been meeting with professors to discuss section performance and give our collective feedback on our courses. Its actually a bit more of a time commitment than I anticipated, but its actually very rewarding.

  2. Ill also be directing the Alumni Mentoring program in the Marketing Association. Were meeting about that for the first time tomorrow, so Ill see where that goes. Basically Ill be helping to pair students up with alumni mentors in their industries of interest, hopefully facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship.

  3. Midterms are coming up next week. Im currently taking 5 classes accounting, statistics, economics, marketing and communications, and the first two have midterms on Thursday and economics has one the following Tuesday. Luckily those are classes Ive taken already but Im helping tutor some classmates who arent so familiar with the concepts.

  4. Ive been fighting off a dreadful cold (hence the pills on my desk). This cold has made sitting through class and recruiting events absolutely miserable. One round of azithromycin didnt do the trick, so now Im taking something called Cefnadir. Today was a marked improvement over yesterday though, so hopefully I can finally squash this bug.

  5. Lastly, to my shock, Ive already gotten an interview. Normally, marketing interviews dont happen until January. But I decided to submit my resume to Nestle Purina (the pet food company, based in St. Louis) and this morning they called me. Obviously Im happy, but also kind of perturbed because the interview is the same morning as my two midterms, and I also am sorely out of practice. But Ive reached out to both second-year students and staff to schedule practice for next week. Regardless of whether this interview opportunity leads to anything, itll be great to get the practice in. And while I definitely dont want to end up in St. Louis, I dont think Id mind being there for a summer. (Besides, pet food companies are famous for allowing you to bring your pet to work. I miss being surrounded by dogs we used to have many sweet guide dogs at Junior Blind that I got to play with.)

We have one social event this weekend too that Ill try to drop by tomorrow night, but otherwise Ill be underwater until next Thursday is over!