So winter quarter has started, and a lot of things have changed. Heres whats going on:

Im taking a whole different set of classes mostly classes that I actually havent taken before, which makes them much more interesting, exciting, and difficult. Im continuing our core communications class, which spans two quarters. This is a class that focuses on oral presentation skills. As this used to be a major weak point of mine, Im pretty proud of the progress Ive made. Of course, this means Ive set the bar extremely high for the next and last presentation, which Im due to give in two weeks.

The second class Im taking is Operations. This is the study of process improvement, and is applicable to nearly any organization firm (though most people usually associate operations management with manufacturing). If you dont understand what operations is, the one book you need to read is The Goal, by Eliyahu Goldratt. Its actually a novel that illustrates basic important operations principles, and applies them to improving a manufacturing plant.

Im also taking Finance, a class Ive always detested but had to suffer through. This finance class is strange in that we have literally no homework, so its very much up to my own initiative to do problems. However, the professor is quite stellar. We cover the basics of capital budgeting under both certainty and uncertainty, as well as concepts like WACC (weighted average cost of capital), CAPM (the capital asset pricing model), household finance, and others. I took this class at Harvard but it was terribly taught everyone basically suffered through it because it was the only class that had anything to do with investment banking. Here, luckily, its taught much better.

Im also taking two electives. The first is Market Assessment, which teaches us how to use perceptual mapping and conjoint analysis techniques to size a market opportunity. Its actually mostly applied statistics.

Finally, Im taking Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation, the first class in the entrepreneurship track. The class teaches us how to do a feasibility study to evaluate ideas, and teaches the basics how to successfully launch a venture.