Its been a busy few weeks since our last update. We had a fairly quiet holiday season, which gave us some time to relax a little bit. In late December we took a quick weekend trip to South Padre Island, in southern Texas, to hang out by the beach and also so that I could get the last of 25 legs needed to be A-List on Southwest Airlines. (Its totally worth it for the amount of flying I do these days since you get the skip the lines!)

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2013-12-28 12.38.34

In January we officially launched BodySpec, the mobile body composition scanning business that Roy and I have been working on with my classmate Bryce and his former classmate Jason. Its been going great so far but its definitely a lot of work for all involved! In a nutshell, we provide accurate, granular and actionable body composition scans and analysis to health-conscious individuals. Check us out at, and of course please like us on and follow us on.

Winter quarter classes also started at UCLA Anderson. Im taking a class on global supply chain management and a introductory real estate class, both of which Im enjoying immensely. They also both meet on Tuesdays which means that Im still making my weekly trips back and forth from Austin to Los Angeles.

In early January I made a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show, which is recapped on my toy blog in.

Finally, this past weekend we went snowboarding at Loveland Ski Area in Georgetown, CO. I was not expected to enjoy it at all, especially since I hated skiing. But to my surprise, snowboarding was actually much easier to learn and way more fun. Roy and I got three three-hour private lessons, after which we had mastered the chair lift (much harder for a snowboarder than a skiier) and the equivalent of greens. Roy is linking turns, and Imwell, linking turns but at a much slower pace. Regardless, we had a ton of fun (despite falling on our butts dozens of times) and cant wait to do it again!

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