Sections B and C decided to hold a BC Party last night, with everyone in costumes from the BC period.

Togas dominated for the most part, as it was easy for people to toss on a white sheet (or, lacking a white sheet, buy a $20 pre-cut toga from the Halloween store, in my case). Anli, on the right, is actually not wearing a toga he is wearing rolls of toilet paper wrapped around him because he went as a mummy. Needless to say, there was toilet paper all over the floor very quickly because the stuff would just fall off.

A Viking and a cave man! The Viking might not be historically accurate but hey, were business people, not historians. If you look at the cavemans costume, you might be able to tell that its actually several bath mats from Target, stapled together. Disturbing, but innovative.

Dinosaurs were another common theme. Alexa and her significant other fashioned dinosaur spikes from sponges and glued them onto their hoodies. Awesome!

Neil came as a monkey, signifying the Dawn of Man. This costume was very warm.

Another picture of our awesome section!