Roy really enjoys discovering new music. So attending music festivals has been a new interest of his. We were at Coachella this past April, and now weve happened to have moved to a city known as the Live Music Capital of the world. This means theres live music in many places on the street, at the airport, and of course, at Austins own huge music festival, known as Austin City Limits.

While we would probably never do Coachella again (too many disgusting teenagers), we will certainly go back to ACL. Its in Zilker Park, on a big hill, and youre allowed to bring folding chairs and picnic blankets and just park yourself on a choice patch of (dead) grass, and sit there all day if you want to. The food vendors are also great theyre all run by local Austin eateries, and theyve somehow managed to make it so that the lines move extremely fast. And while ACL had its share of pot-smoking teens, there were much fewer compared to Coachella. (Unfortunately it was still enough to make me sick.)

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