The 49th state!

We went for a quick one-week getaway.

We saw mountains (this is from the plane as we were landing). This was at 9pm. The sun doesn't really set until past midnight.

Moose chilling by the side of the road (in Denali National Park).

Mt. Denali! (Highest mountain in North America)

We went to learn about sled dogs and the Iditarod. We got to hold puppies.

Puppies are cute.

We went on a cruise to see animals and glaciers. We don't have any good pictures but we saw sea lions, humpback whales, a fin whale and a bunch of puffins.

We did a day long hike up to the Harding Ice Field. It's 22 miles or something of ice.

Snowman up on the way to the ice field. Remember, it's July.

We drove over to Homer and stopped at random places along the way. Like this old Russian Orthodox church.

People fishing for salmon (or just relaxing).

Kayak trip where we plucked sea stars from their rocks.

Bear tracks in the sand.

We had a great time!