This post should have been written weeks ago. Anyways, will try to catch everyone up.

Elaine and I spent some time in Temecula Valley at the end of March. It was just a nice short trip over Easter weekend. It's a fun area just a few hours outside of LA and we stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast.

Also, since the end of March, Elaine has primarily been in Los Angeles coordinating the build of the brick-and-mortar location.

We're and currently doing tenant improvements.

Since she's not in Austin, she's been visiting puppies.

Austin's been great too. Flowers are coming out all along the road.

I was in New York last week though for the. Pretty exciting!

In more recent news, I've been doing box jumps at the gym. Here's me clearing 40":

Everything's going pretty well for us. Will try to do these updates more regularly in the future (but who knows?).